1. What is cloud VPS?

A cloud VPS server is a virtual server that is stored and run from our secure datacenter. VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, with preallocated virtual hardware resources. Customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. Cloud VPS is also configured to run in High Availablity, which offeres almost no downtime to your server. This service also comes with Free Daily backup service. Common uses for VPS are websites, off-site backup, or FTP server.

2. What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is a file sync and share solution powered by Nextcloud. Nextcloud provides Universal File Access through a single front-end to all of your divergent systems. Users can access files on any device, anytime, from anywhere. Nextcloud is the preferred file sharing solution for enterprises across the globe. Our cloud storage servers are fully managed by our professional staff and powered by the Nextcloud Community server edition configured with high availability network components using multiple server instances on a scalable infrastructure to meet the ever increasing demand for cloud services. The Nextcloud Community server is also available via our Cloud VPS service or directly from Nextcloud. Please check out the Nextcloud Community for more information about Nextcloud at https://nextcloud.com

3. Do I have to buy the Nextcloud mobile app?

No. The Nextcloud mobile app for Android is completely free. The iOS app only cost 99 cents. You can find several 3rd party Nextcloud mobile apps available in the Google Play and Apple App Store. None of these are offically supported by Nextcloud but we have had great success using them on our own devices.