Dear Customers,

We regret to inform you that Service Metric will be discontinuing our hosting line of services as of June 30th 2020. The decision was not an easy one; however necessary due to current economic conditions. All services are impacted which include but may not be limited to backups, VPS, domains, websites, email, databases, and Nextcloud hosting services. As of the date of this letter, May 1st 2020, new orders will not be accepted.

As of July 1st 2020, hosted services will no longer be available and all impacted services listed will be removed from the datacenter systems. You will have up to June 30th 2020 to download/retrieve anything you wish to keep from any active services.

Existing services will continue as normal through June 30th 2020; any plans paid beyond this date will receive a pro-rated refund for unused services. Customers wishing to cancel their plans prior to June 30th 2020 may do so at any time by going to the Service Metric customer portal and click on the Request Cancellation button under their respective product or service. Cancellation options are “Immediate” and “End of Billing Period”. An Immediate cancellation request will immediately terminate service and delete all data. End of billing period will terminate service at the end of your current billing period or June 30th 2020 (whichever occurs first) and delete all data.

Customers with domains purchased thru Service Metric will be contacted directly by a Service Metric representative prior to June 30th 2020 to discuss options related to your domain name.

Any request for additional information can be made through the Service Metric customer portal.

Customer portal:

We would like to thank all of our customers that we have done business with over the years.


Your Service Metric Team